Image of Sweet 16s - 8mm Bearings for Quads

Sweet 16s - 8mm Bearings for Quads


Designed to keep your quads rolling longer and faster! The precise machining of the races along with the highly polished alloy balls will give you the speed you need and the tough pre-lubed nylon cages will keep you rolling longer! The flexible shield is removeable so you can easily service them if you like. There is no break in time required so once you take them out of the container, they are ready to rip! So if you are ripping bowls, vert ramps or the flat track, you need a set of Sweet 16s! Go ahead and give them a shot! You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Supplied in a 1.5" tall x 3.5" diameter tin and includes:
• 16 Bearings
• 16 Speed Washers
• Superfly Stickers (may vary from picture)

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