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Superfly Speedball Bearing Puller

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Installing or replacing your bearings is fast and easy when you have the right tool! Be sure to pick up our bearing puller next time you are getting a fresh set of bearings. The SFSB Bearing Puller works with 8mm bearings only and for the 95% of people not using spacers in their wheels. It is designed to press the bearings into your wheels by putting force only on the inner race so you wont damage your shields. Ball detent technology keeps a firm grip on the bearings when pulling them out and it's small enough to fit in your pocket or use as a keychain!

Helps to remove and insert bearings into wheels
Puller comes with a key ring
Designed to specifically work with 8mm bearings
Works best with bearings without spacers

Adding Bearings to wheels: Put the bearing in the puller and push the puller into the center core of the wheel. To remove the puller from the bearing, press the top button of the puller to release the bearing. Do the same on both sides and make sure your wheels spin freely.

Pulling out bearings: Put your bearing puller in the bearing and wiggle it as you pull the bearing puller. To remove the bearing from the puller, press the top button of the puller to release.

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